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SWAPE – SWeeping Apparatus for Polarization Enhancement

SWAPE Apparatus for Polarization Enhancement

The invention is a functional prototype of a device that is coupled to an NMR mini-spectrometer. The device aims to reduce the time between collected scans while maintaining high magnetic polarization of the sample. Synchronized movement of the sample with NMR radiofrequency pulses improves the signal-to-noise ratio per unit of time and enables quick quantitative NMR measurements. The device solves the basic problem of slow spin-lattice nuclear relaxation in a multiple scan NMR experiment. The low sensitivity, which is currently the main limitation of NMR mini-spectrometers, can be greatly improved using this device, making NMR mini-spectrometers an inexpensive and useful tool for studying low concentrated samples, for example, samples of pharmaceutical significance.




One-Pager: Sweeping Apparatus for Polarization Enhancement