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Cancer Biomarker Detector

System And The Method For Detection Of Gases That Uses Multiplexing And Demultiplexing Of Optical Signals For Laser Spectroscopy – Cancer Biomarker Detector

A number of trace compounds (called biomarkers), which occur in human breath, provide information about individual features of the body, as well as on the state of the individual’s health. This invention detects certain biomarkers using laser absorption spectroscopy methods of high sensitivity to indicate the existence of cancer and other disease. Developed sensors are characterized by high sensitivity (ppb-level) and high selectivity, as well as fast and straightforward measurement procedures. Therefore, they can be applied as medical screening tools enabling biomarker detection in exhaled air at the molecular level.

Investigation of optoelectronic laboratory setups for detection of biomarkers in human breath shows that there is an opportunity to build relatively inexpensive, table-top systems designated for monitoring of selected compounds using laser spectroscopy techniques.