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Passive remediation systems (SILI)

Wastewater treatment and purification of stored water (in reservoirs, rainwater) is an ongoing challenge faced not only by disposal and municipal plants, but also by production companies. The need to ensure efficient and effective treatment methods is accompanied by the need to keep costs at a minimum. In addition, for many companies it’s important to recover valuable raw materials from wastewater and to meet restrictive environmental standards. The SILI PASSIVE REMEDIATION SYSTEM method based on the physiological potential of bacteria meets these types of needs.

Passive remediation systems are inexpensive and highly effective. If the right conditions are met, owners of the SILI system can recover raw materials from wastewater, meet environmental standards, and treat wastewater with low financial outlays. Implementation of the method means adopting an environmentally friendly approach.



Our offer

We provide comprehensive support in starting up the SILI installation – from initial consultations, design, construction and startup to maintenance and advisory services regarding the purification processes.
There’s also the possibility of using specific services as part of substantive cooperation, such as advisory or support at the installation design stage.
Please note that there’s also the option of reference site visits at pilot locations

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