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Lecturus – a spin-off of the University of Warsaw has provided access to a free platform for running lectures online

Lecturus – a University of Warsaw spin-off – has launched a free platform that enables lecturers to run lectures remotely.

The new tool allows us to restore continuity in teaching after UW cancelled classes due to the coronavirus epidemic. The platform’s administrators aren’t excluding the possibility of making it available to other universities and interested schools throughout Poland.

Lecturus uses the Cisco Webex technology, which among other things, supports remote teaching. Even 1,000 participants can take part in a class at the same time. The lecturer and participants can use audiovisual or chat messaging, share documents and multimedia, share screens, write on a joint board, take notes, and participate in various types of tests.

Quick testing before launch

To fast-track the launch of the platform due to the pandemic, in recent days, a dozen or so people from the Faculty of Polish Studies of the University of Warsaw got voluntarily involved in testing the solution. According to the platform’s administrators, any limitations may be due to configuration of the user’s equipment and the quality of the internet connection. However, the service works even with a poor internet connection thanks to advanced Cisco communication algorithms, which in such situations automatically adjust the quality and availability of images.

Let others use it!

The founders of the University’s company Lecturus see no obstacles to other universities and even schools using the free platform during the epidemic and social quarantine. “We really want to help all interested parties in implementing their teaching activities. We hope that even with high traffic on the platform, the lecturers will be able to run classes and students can actively participate in them without a problem. Of course, if any issues arise, we’ll do everything in our power to resolve them as quickly as possible,” said Przemysław Zieliński, deputy CEO of Lecturus. He also added that perhaps the best form of sharing the platform with a wider group of users would be cooperation under the Agreement of Academic Technology Transfer Centres (