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Report to the UTTC to learn about the next steps in the protection of your invention. In order to speed up the process of obtaining the UTTC’s opinion on the patent potential of your solution, download, fill in, and send us the UTTC consultation form.

Consultation form for download:
UTTC consultation form

You will receive an opinion on your invention within a few days. If the issue date of the opinion is to be postponed, you will be notified accordingly.

UTTC will take care of all the formalities. At some point, you will only be asked to fill in a few required documents. Your main role will be based on providing the patent agent/attorney with substantive support in relation to the preparation of the patent application.

However, if the opinion is not positive, the UTTC will recommend modifications to your research results.


The application is ready. Now, we apply for a patent for your invention to the Patent Office of the Republic of Poland or to a different relevant office abroad.

The patent application concerning your invention was filed to the patent office. If at the same time you were supposed to prepare a publication, this is the right time to send it.