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A new spin-off of UW – a search engine on steroids for businesses and investors

Quant_kit is a new tech company created at the University of Warsaw. Its objective is to launch a proprietary technology using alternative data, artificial intelligence and machine learning. The technologies developed by Quant_kit are meant to provide the possibility of quick searching for data and analyses needed to make the right business and investment decisions.

From the perspective of the user, the Quant_kit solution will be similar to popular online search engines. The difference is the level of complexity of the analytical systems and the way in which the results are presented – the Quant_kit technology not only searches structured and unstructured information sets, but also performs automated data analysis. What’s more, the search results are presented in interactive graphic form. This aims to improve the inference and decision-making process.


As the creators highlight, the approach, which involves a flexible search of information by automating the processing process and data analysis, is in demand in international markets. Quant_kit stands out from the competition thanks to its freedom in the formulation of queries by the user, and the use of many unrelated sources of alternative data.


At present, the gathering and processing of large amounts of unstructured data that are helpful in the investment decision-making process is a serious problem for 65% of investors. On the other hand, 74% of market participants find it challenging to interpret and inference based on gathered information (the above data are from a study conducted among several dozen investment fund and venture capital fund associations in Poland at the request of the Technology Transfer Centre of the University of Warsaw in June 2020). The Quant_kit product will provide solutions to the above problems.

First pilot implementations

Quant_kit is currently starting up two independent pilot versions of its solution. One of them is at a leading capital market infrastructure institution in Poland, and the other at a company from the energy sector. The implementation projects will be run until the end of the year. As a result of these implementations, the founders of the company expect interest from a wide market of recipients, and plan to build a domestic and foreign client portfolio in as early as 2021. “As a company, we’ve had a great start. We’ve noticed that our product will also be useful to strategic, business and company security departments that are not focused on investment – this greatly broadens the target group and growth outlook. The next six months will allow us to on the one hand quickly finetune the technology, and on the other further develop our offer for more clients,” added Wojciech Zdunkiewicz.


The company wants to provide the tool as online subscription services (SaaS model). The offer will also likely include supporting services that are necessary for the realisation of dedicated implementations. Quant_kit’s target groups are mainly investment and venture capital funds, banks, insurers, and entities operating within capital markets. The technology may be of interest to companies that use large data sets and analytics to make business decisions – for example, companies from the heavy industry, energy, fuel and construction sectors.



“We want to shorten the duration of the analytical process. At the same time, we will provide an opportunity to broaden the analytical scope by many data sources using advanced ML and search methods. Each user will have at their disposal a flexible search engine for structured data and market analyses, and the results will be presented on an interactive dashboard. The main external sources of information will cover, among others, online content, sentiment expressed on social media, online trends, entity and market networks, advertising data, patent and innovation data, and online traffic. Therefore, our goal is not to replace proven analytical solutions that have been used by companies for years, but to supplement these tools using alternative sources of information that support inferencing and business decisions,” explained Michał Jaworski, cofounder and CEO of Quant_kit.