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A new company founded at the University of Warsaw – data science for companies

Project 42 is a new spin-off founded at the University of Warsaw. Its objective is to support companies through tools and solutions that use data science techniques, artificial intelligence and machine learning.

It was founded by doctoral students from the Faculty of Physics and the Faculty of Management of UW. They want to use experience in management and field-specific skills while giving the business world better access to university scientific potential in terms of analysing large data sets. All of this is to support various types of business goals the achievement of which requires the use of advanced mathematical methods and data processing technologies.


“The scientific potential of Polish universities in the field of data science is enormous. At the same time, the business world is aware that it’s not easy to harness. The relationships between the world of scientists and companies were never easy, and we are operating at this very junction. We come from a scientific world, and we have the appropriate substantive competences, as well as business training and experience,” said one of the founders of Project 42.


The Project 42 portfolio features an exploratory analysis, modelling and prediction, computer simulations, creation of algorithms and tools, as well as scientific consulting. “We know how to search for and find solutions to real, complicated business problems using the latest mathematical science achievements. The company’s second key field of operation is creating solutions and scientific teams to implement R&D projects run by Polish and foreign enterprises,” he added.


Better collaboration between UW and the business world in the field of data science

The potential of data gathered by companies and the need to process these data mean that the demand of data science specialists and services has for several years exceeded the available labour market supply and skills. On the one hand, it’s increasingly difficult to find specialists, and on the other, there are more and more companies providing these sorts of services. What makes Project 42 stand out and gain a competitive advantage? The main factor is access to UW’s scientific potential. Project 42’s activities are meant to be an alternative to the model in which companies independently recruit data science specialists.